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5 Best Blackberry Killers For 2021

When searching for best blackberry killers, it might be helpful to have some background on blackberries. Blackberries were known for a long time as being a wild plant, and there was no historical that mention blackberry bushes for gardening. The people of Greece used the blackberry as a remedy for Gout. The leaves of blackberry […]

9 Best Poison Ivy Killers For 2021

The hardest weeds to kill are the type that need to be eliminated down to the root. Poison ivy is one of them. However, killing down to the roots is not an easy task. You need the best poison ivy weed killer to do so. Pulling the roots would be a bad choice of killing, as […]

6 Best Selective Herbicide For Spurge 2021

Selective herbicide for spurge. There are two types of spurge weed (Euphorbia Maculata), that can cause a problematic life in turfgrass. These types of spurge weed are prostrate spurge weed and spotted spurge weed. Those two spurges emerge in the summer annually, which means that they become more mature, advanced, or elaborate throughout and during […]

8 Best Herbicide For Creeping Charlie 2021 (Reviews)

Best herbicide for Creeping Charlie. Creeping Charlie (Glechoma hederacea) is a plant that grows along the ground, categorized as a herbaceous perennial. This plant will spread by its creeping stems or stolons and also by its seed. Historically, it was brought from Europe in the 1800s to America. It was used for ground cover but actually, […]

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