Best Fertilizer For Watermelon: 5 Choices for 2022

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The best fertilizer for watermelon is best determined by a soil test. But if you do not have a soil test, it would be best to apply 20-10-20 NPK formulation at the rate of 15 pounds per 500 feet. Typically, watermelon requires the same fertilizer as tomatoes, so most of the fertilizers on my list also work there.

To prevent Nitrogen burn, blend the fertilizer with the top six inches of soil. Compost helps in enhancing the soil structure, adds micronutrients in the mix, and helps in water retention.

You can also add mulch around the Watermelon plants to improve moisture retention, prevent weed growth and add Nitrogen-rich organic matter to the soil.

When feeding Watermelons with granular food, do not let it contact with the leaves. The leaves are sensitive, and you could harm them.

To absorb the nutrient to the root, water well. An application of fertilizer that has a higher amount of Phosphorous and Potassium can be used while the fruit is maturing.

To read more about Watermelons, have a look at our Watermelon care guide.

Best Watermelon Fertilizer Reviews

Jack’s Classic 12-15-30 Watermelon Fertilizer


Jack’s Classic Fertilizer For Watermelon is explicitly formulated for the Tomato plant. However, this JR Peters Fertilizer water-soluble plant food filled with micronutrients for tomatoes and all fruiting vine vegetables, including Watermelons.

The Watermelon fertilizer has to be mixed with water for the most accurate and useful nutrients provided to your plants. This JR Peters Fertilizer is a great combination of nutrients, supplies the nutrients needed most by Watermelon.

The Potassium level in the JR Peters Fertilizer for Watermelon is higher than other elements to make sure a good crop with enhanced micronutrient levels that produce more fruit, vibrant green leaves, and healthy vines.

Other roles of Potassium for Watermelon plants are:

  • Enhancing Watermelon plant’s water use through regulation of transpiration and photosynthesis
  • Improving Nitrogen use
  • Improving protein production
  • Boosting plant health
  • Improving the ability to withstand drought, pests, and disease.

When mixing with water, you can use the free measuring spoon for the accurate product application. You must follow the instruction provided in each container.

Farmer’s Almanac Fertilizer For Watermelon 8-4-8

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This Old Farmer’s Almanac Plant Food is an OMRI-Listed fertilizer for Watermelon, vegetables, other fruit, herbs, trees, and shrubs. When applied to the soil, Old Farmer’s Almanac Plant Food works with the ecosystem to encourage healthy Watermelon plant growth.

This Old Farmer’s Almanac fertilizer is suitable for outdoor and indoor organic gardens. The ingredients are derived from feather meal, Soybean, blood meal, bone meal, and sulfate of potash. So it is an organic fertilizer and a great organic choice for Watermelon fertilizer.

When you are starting to plant your Watermelon plants, you can spread the Old Farmer’s Almanac Plant Food evenly over excavated soil. Mix 2.5 cups per 100 square meter with soil in five to eight inches depth while planting the Watermelon plant.

On an established Watermelon plant, apply 2.5 cups per 100 square meter at the beginning of the growing season. Apply six to eight weeks after the application. Spread evenly over the growing area.

You can apply the Old Farmer’s Almanac Plant Food the same practice on a potted, established Watermelon plant.

EcoScraps for Organic Gardening

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Ecoscraps for Organic Gardening and Vegetable Plant Food consists of a combination of ingredients. These include Total Nitrogen (N) (5.0%), Water Insoluble Nitrogen (5.0%), Available Phosphate (P2o5) (4.0%), Soluble Potash (K2o) (6.0%), and Calcium (Ca) (1.0%).

These ingredients are derived from compost, bone meal, blood meal, Sulfate of Potash, and Calcitic Lime.

Add one to two inches and combining the top five to six inches of soil for new Watermelon garden beds. On sow seed, blend the top four inches of soil at the rate of four lbs per 100 square feet set—water well.

Provide established Watermelons plants every four to six weeks through the growing season. Use one pound for every fifty square feet of garden area on each plant. Mix the EcoScraps fertilizer for watermelon into the soil surface and water well. 

For Watermelons in containers, feed Watermelon plants one tablespoon for every six inches of pot diameter. Mix into the soil, and water thoroughly.

Apply this fertilizer for watermelon every month. Here are the benefits of EcoScraps fertilizer:

  • Can provide good nutrients to all types of vegetables
  • Clean, even, and easy application
  • Make less landfill waste
  • No poop

Jobe’s Organics Organic All Purpose Granular Fertilizer 4-4-4


This Jobe’s Organics fertilizer for watermelon consists of 4-4-4 NPK formulation derived from feather meal, sulfate of potash, and bone meal. There is also added Calcium, Magnesium, and Sulfur. It is an organic fertilizer.

The Jobe’s Organics fertilizer comes in the form of granular, and works fast as Watermelon fertilizer and flowers, vegetables, shrubs, trees, and plants. Other than the organic material, this Jobe’s Organics fertilizer comes with Jobe’s Biozome. It is a proprietary microorganism, Archaea that breaks down material for faster results.

This Biozome enhances soil conditions. The Jobe’s Organics fertilizer can help Watermelon plants withstand disease, can help resist insects, and can help survive the drought during its growing season.

Burpee Organic Fertilizer Organic Granular Plant Food

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Burpee Fertilizer granular plant food is embellished with the much-needed nutrients. These nutrients help enhance robust root development and beneficial microorganisms for vegetables and fruits, including Watermelon.

What you will expect from the Burpee fertilizer for watermelon are improved soil and better healthy Watermelon plant growth. These nutrients are immediately released and continuously provide a stream of plant food for up to three months.

With this beneficial form, the Watermelon plant vigorously has green foliage all season long and fruit at harvest time. You can apply the Burpee Fertilizer for watermelon for seed starting, mature Watermelon plant, young bedding plants, and patio container Watermelon plants. It is an excellent choice of fertilizer for Watermelon.

Miracle-Gro Shake And Feed Fruit & Vegetable Plant Food


This Miracle Gro Shake And Feed is an exceptional choice if you want to apply it to your Watermelon plants. The Miracle Gro Shake And Feed is all-purpose plant food for fruits and vegetables.

The fertilizer is particularly formulated for helping Watermelon plants grow more productive, grow stronger, and vibrant. This Miracle-Gro Shake And Feed fertilizer for watermelon provides many important nutrients that help nourish and feed Watermelon plants above and below the soil.

It comes in granular form. Its microbes break down and transform natural ingredients into nutrients.

These nutrients support root development and strength, which improves water efficiency. The Miracle Gro Shake And Feed can feed the Watermelon plants for 3 months.

The Miracle Gro Shake And Feed contains natural ingredients including kelp, earthworm casting, bone meal, and feather meal.

Miracle-Gro Performance Organics For Watermelon

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This Miracle Gro Performance Organics fertilizer for watermelon can feed your outdoor and indoor container plants such as Watermelon for up to ninety days. The Miracle Gro Performance Organics is OMRI that contains aged compost blend with other natural and organic ingredients.

The NPK formulation is 9-4-12 which can cover up to 265 square feet area from one container. All you have to do is to feed the plant with the Miracle Gro Performance Organics fertilizer every seven days and soak the soil to get nutrition down to the roots.

Lily Miller Fertilizer All Purpose Planting And Growing Food


This Lilly Miller fertilizer for watermelon has a balanced NPK formulation of 10-10-10. The Lily Miller fertilizer is blended from natural ingredients with other traditional plant foods.

This mix will produce a fertilizer that provides nitrogen from four various sources. The mix of nutrients will be available to plants fast for a great start.

The combination of nutrients also can feed your Watermelons for up to six weeks. The Lilly Miller fertilizer is fortified with important plant minerals.

The right combination of nutrients is slow-release to grow lush foliage, steady growth, colorful blooms, productive fruits, and delicious vegetables.

Other Information Regarding Fertilizer for Watermelon

What is a Good Watermelon Fertilizer Ratio?

To grow Watermelon you need to know that the plant needs micronutrients and macronutrients. NPK is the key macronutrients for Watermelon. Check fertilizer labels to discover the NPK formulation ratio.

The best Watermelon fertilizer ratio is higher nitrogen fertilizer when they are in the early stage of growth. Watermelon plants need fertilizer that has more potassium and phosphorus for its production.

If you apply high nitrogen fertilizers after the melons are developing, the foliage may grow excessively rather than melon development!

Once you are ready to transplant or the seedlings have emerged, it would be better to top dress with an NPK formulation ratio of roughly 1-1-1. You can apply either 5-5-5- or 10-10-10 general all-purpose fertilizer.

Fertilize the watermelon plants with 680 grams per 9 square meter of garden space. Never touch the leaves with granular food when fertilizing. The Watermelon leaves are sensitive and could be damaged.

Soak the soil with water so the roots can easily absorb the nutrients.

The Watermelon fertilizer ratio of 1-1-1 such as 10-10-10 or 14-14-14 NPK formulation can be applied throughout the lifecycle of the plant. Keep in mind switching from higher nitrogen to a more balanced ratio when your melon set.

Apply fertilization one time before the first planting of the seed or when transplanting the seedling. Fertilize one time when the vines start to ramble. And one time when the watermelons are set.

How long does it take to grow a Watermelon?

On average, Watermelon plants reach harvest between seventy to eighty-five days after sowing. Smaller varieties will usually be ready before larger varieties.

When is the best time to fertilize Watermelon?

According to many resources, there is no specific timeline on when to fertilize Watermelon. You can start feeding the plant determined by the most recent soil condition and by the stage of growth of the Watermelon plant.

A new seedling Watermelon has different nutritional needs. While in the stage of bloom, the Watermelon fertilizer requirements are different too.

For starter, use nitrogen-based fertilizer to fulfill Watermelon fertilizer requirements. When you see the Watermelon plant starts flowering, feed the Watermelon with Phosphorus and Potassium-based fertilizer.

How often to fertilize Watermelon?

Feed the watermelon plant one time every week, preferably with a liquid soluble fertilizer. Apply a 20-10-20 NPK formulation of compost until the flowers of the plant bloom. When you notice the flower bloom, use a 20-20-20 fertilizer for the rest of the growing season.

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