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18 Best Outdoor Water Fountains

Water fountain

Outdoor water fountain. Determining to have an outdoor water fountain installed in your garden or yard is one easy decision in the process. Outdoor water fountains will add the softness sound of nature, artistry, and beauty to the garden.

It would not be easy when it comes to choosing the style, material, and placement. You will see a wide variety of choices to select from.

Water fountains can be integrated into any garden, pond, patio, or porch. It is just a matter of finding the perfect fit.

The next matter is about your personal preference. The placement is important but there are limitations to the type of water feature installed.

Certain materials might not work with the outdoor water fountain placement or design. They might not complement a garden wall which is a prime spot for a wall fountain.

If you decide to go for classical decor, concrete, granite, and marble are not the optimal material for a wall fountain. The most important feature could be the sound of the water fountain. You can determine the placement of the fountain after you choose the type of fountain first.

The placement of the water fountain

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  • In the garden. Garden walls are sturdy and strong enough to support a wall fountain and can become the artwork and decoration addition to any home. A water fountain that uses terra cotta basins or clay pot can integrate or complement almost any vines and flowers. Even without a wall, a garden can be beautiful with water fountains. Fountains can be enclosed at the base with rose or lily flowers or in the corner to be heard.
  • On the patio. Floor outdoor fountains, wall fountain outdoor, or outdoor tabletop fountain can serve a porch or pond or patio or porch well. It is recommended to keep them away from higher traffic areas. Wall fountains are a nice backdrop to the garden or yard. Floor support many options including streams, cascading, free-falling, and bubbling floor outdoor fountains. To integrate and complement plants, furniture, and walls, choose the right material.
  • In a pond. Every person may feel surrounded by nature when they installed koi ponds and other small garden ponds where they live. Ponds with fountains that splashes water into the air can become attention grabber and deliver a lot of fun. You can also choose different options by building up rocks for a dropping outdoor water fountain to create a stunning waterfall or just a babbling brook. These options could tell you that there are so many options to choose from when dealing with outdoor fountains. There are water fountains available for every scenario that you want, every outdoor decor, and any outdoor space. The rest is up to you.

Consideration before buying a water fountain

When you consider buying an outdoor fountain, you may feel you do not know what to think since there are many choices. Here are things to consider when choosing a water fountain:

1. Water fountain is not maintenance-free

Think about what type of person you are regarding your garden maintenance. Do you keep up with the maintenance, or do never take care of your garden or yard?

Look at your garden now. Do you see weeds growing in your flower bed?

This means that you just let the garden go by itself. That is not a problem at all.

If you want to purchase a water fountain, the choice you have to make is the casual style in moderate size. With this kind of fountain, you can upkeep them in a minimal and simple way.

One important thing is that it goes with the rest of your garden or yard.

If you maintain all your garden routinely, you can select a formal outdoor water fountain that suits your style, and you can select a rather larger size one. Even with a larger size, you will do a very good job with the cleaning of dirt, clearing debris from the pump and water, and any other tasks associated with it.

2. Highlight your personality

You as an individual have a personal taste in art. Consider the taste of the collective personality of your home and your family.

If you are a precise, warm, or formal person, you might select a water fountain featuring animals including dog water fountain outdoor, frog, ducks, or squirrels. If you are a traditional person, you would want to select a symmetrical water fountain.

If you like to have gargoyles or angels, you can also select those water fountains or any other themes that match your collections or passions.

3. Think about other family members

You must consider other family members including your cats and dogs when you want to purchase a water fountain. Think about this!

Do you want your dog to drink from your outdoor fountain? If you do then you can choose whatever the height of the best dog water fountain. But if you do not want it, get one where the water basin stands at a height where they can not reach. For cats, you can purchase the best cat water fountain.

Do you have children? If they have a chance of climbing in or around the water fountain, make sure the placement of the fountain will not tip easily so your child doesn’t get hurt.

If the pool of the water fountain is deep enough, it might be hazardous to your children. You might want to consider finding a basin that does not pose a drowning hazard.

4. Evaluate your outdoor space

Let’s say that you only have a small patio or small yard or a small garden, you can still have a water fountain. You just need to choose a small water fountain that does not overwhelm the available space.

There’s a small water fountain option for every space available. You can choose an outdoor tabletop fountain to sit on a small ornate table on your patio.

You can also choose a wall fountain that can be mounted on the side of your house. They all provide the benefits of an amazing water feature. They keep the fountain to complement the rest of your home and outdoor living space.

5. The shopping

You do not have to rush when it is time to buy your first water fountain. Go out and visit department stores, visit online stores, discount stores, lawn and garden stores, boutique and gift shops before making the decision.

Find ideas and different options available. Remember that this is not a purchase you will be making every day and you have to be perfect for your outdoor living area.

Be educated and purchase one outdoor fountain at a price you will be pleased with, too.

Top 17 water fountains and floor outdoor fountains

Model  Size Price Rating Link
1. DecorDuke Smart Solar Fountain Floor Outdoor Fountain For Relaxation Stone Fountain 15 3/8″ x 15 3/8″ x 24 7/8″ high $$$ 5.0 Buy At Amazon
2. John Timberland Floor Outdoor Fountain Water Fountain Four Bowl Cascading Waterfall Fountain 41″ Tall Fountain 41 1/2″ high x 20″ wide x 18 1/2″ deep $$ 4.7 Buy At Amazon
3. John Timberland Floor Outdoor Fountain Ceramic Fountain 35″ 35″ high x 12″ wide and deep $$ 4.4 Buy At Amazon
4. Peaktop Resin Fountain Modern Zen Fountain Floor Outdoor Fountain 16.14 x 15.75 x 29 inches $$ 4.3 Buy At Amazon
5. Peaktop – PF001 Outdoor Floor Fountain 16.14 x 15.94 x 20 inches $$ 4.3 Buy At Amazon
6. CYA-DECOR Water Fountains Outdoor, Garden Waterfall Fountains with Children Patio Fountain 15 inches long, 12 inches depth and 29 inches high $$$$ 4.3 Buy At Amazon
7. John Timberland Floor Outdoor Fountain 34 1/2″ Marble Fountain Bowls LED for Yard Garden 34 1/2″ high x 17″ deep x 15″ wide. $$ 4.3 Buy At Amazon
8. Design Toscano Water Fountain with LED Light – Squirrel Garden Decor Patio Fountain 13 x 18.5 x 35 inches $$ 4.2 Buy At Amazon
9. Harmony Fountains 35″ Floating Sphere Waterslide Fountain – Indoor or Outdoor Water Fountain 17 x 18 x 35 inches $$ 4.1 Buy At Amazon
10. Kenroy Home Frost Floor Outdoor Fountain Smart Solar Fountain 44-inch height, 22-inch diameter $$$ 4.0 Buy At Amazon
11. Alpine Corporation GXT252 Bears Climbing with LED Light Black Bear Fountain 31″L x 20″W x 24″H $$ 4.0 Buy At Amazon
12. Alpine Corporation 3-Tier Tiki Head Water Fountain Outdoor Fountains With Led Lights 15″L x 15″W x 29″H $$ 3.8 Buy At Amazon
13. Kenroy Home Oswego Floor Fountain Outdoor Fountains With Led Lights 31.5 Inch Height, 26.5 Inch Diameter $$$ 3.7 Buy At Amazon
14. Alpine Corporation Tower Castle Fountain with LED Lights 19″L x 17″W x 35″H $$ 2.6 Buy At Amazon
15. OK Lighting Copper Bronze Floor Outdoor Fountain Water Fountain 22″ length x 38″ height x 38″ width $$ 2.5 Buy At Amazon
16. Living Better Now Water Fountain Pump Lion Rock Fountain Garden Electric 51” H x 23” W x 14” D $$ 2.5 Buy At Amazon
17. Water Fountain – 4 Foot Tall Cherubs at Play Garden Decor Fountain Electric Bird Bath Fountain 30″Wx30″Dx52″H $$ 2.4 Buy At Amazon

18 best water fountain reviews

1. Kenroy Home Oswego Floor Fountain with Lights Electric Birdbath Fountain

Do you want to catch a feel and sense of rainfall in your outdoor living space? You can do it by installing the Oswego outdoor floor fountain that can be considered as an electric birdbath fountain.

The height is 32″ with 27 inches in diameter. It is stylish, classic, and modern features of fountains.

The pedestal is a rectangular shape finish with copper and comes in a dark wood grain finish. At the top of the pedestal, there sit the bowl of the fountain, covered with a warm Copper finish, and a slight platform with a rounded top.

The water that sends over the side of the top, bubbled by a bubbler. You can feel the sound and look of a gentle rainstorm when the water trickles over the side.

The water movement is highlighted by lights hidden underneath the top dome. You can place this fountain anywhere in your garden or yard, with a modern take on a classic fountain silhouette.

No doubt that this amazing water fountain will bring calmness, relaxing sound of water into your tranquil space area outdoor. You can even place it up as a home decor or accent piece alongside the short pathway that runs through your backyard. Dimensions of the floor fountain with lights: 32-inch height, 27-inch diameter.

2. Kenroy Home Frost Floor Outdoor Fountain Smart Solar Fountain

Do you have a plan to build a European-styled outdoor space? These outdoor space themes usually come with a bistro table and seats.

The decor can be completed with the Kenroy Home 51009SNDST Frost Smart Solar Fountain. This smart solar fountain is the ideal element to help to create the quiet hints of running water in your garden. It is a solar birdbath fountain.

With a sandstone finish, this water fountain has a bubbler exactly at the top that gives the splashes the water that streams along with the dishes. Simple, elegant, basic, and exquisite, the base of the fountain runs up to the bottom of the bowl which features slight riveting along the edges.

With a customary outdoor fountain outline, this smart solar fountain would look very elegant in any living outdoor space. The solar birdbath fountain has a dimension of 44-inch height, 22-inch diameter.

3. DecorDuke Smart Solar Fountain Floor Outdoor Fountain For Relaxation Stone Fountain

Smarty Solar Fountain

The DecorDuke stone fountain has an authentic and elegant look of a hand-cut stone fountain. It is a dramatic and amazing makeover for your outdoor decor.

You can place this dual powered stone fountain anywhere you like. Comes with solar panels for wireless entertainment, or an electrical plug for shady locations or overcast days.

Made of Polyresin, stone powder, and sand. Included: solar panel, pump, electrical adapter. Easy to assemble with free maintenance.

It will charge in the daytime and will light up during night time. you do not have to worry about electric consumption.

Weight: 16.5 pounds. Dimension: 15 3/8″ x 15 3/8″ x 24 7/8″ high. 100% satisfaction guarantee from the manufacturer.

4. Peaktop Resin Fountain Modern Zen Fountain Floor Outdoor Fountain

Zen Fountain

This zen fountain from Peaktop is the ideal expansion to any yard. This resin fountain will charm your yard and your visitors will marvel at its excellence.

Incorporates UL recorded transformer. The water fountain highlighted with inherent 12V/3. 5W submersible siphon (jr-250) to circle the water, 6″ Cord for simple access to electrical plugs.

The water fountain is perfectly highlighted with 3 layered fountains. Makes a delicate nearness with the mitigating hints of water.

The floor outdoor fountain is skillfully made to be adjusted and strong.

The great thing about this water fountain is that it is suitable for outdoor garden/yard and as indoor use. The construction is solid and lightweight. Dimension: 20″(L) x 15. 80″(W) x 29. 00″(H).

5. OK Lighting Copper Bronze Floor Outdoor Fountain Water Fountain

Water fountain

OK Lighting fountains join exquisite structures and usefulness. Our items will give extra emphasis to your home. Every fountain is hand-painted to give that exceptional touch to your stylistic theme piece.

Each piece is made of astounding material to be effectively cleaned, very little consideration is required so as to keep up this fountain. The quiet solid of the water will carry a charming inclination to your home.

The water fountain comes with underwater lights. Made of strong polyresin material. High Quality and stylish. Dimension: 22″ length x 38″ height x 38″ width.

6. Alpine Corporation GXT252 Bears Climbing with LED Light Black Bear Fountain

Bear Fountain

Make a calm, thoughtful environment with a touch of urban wilderness as you revive with this black bear fountain. You will feel like you are sitting alongside a mountain stream in nature all while unwinding in your own lavish garden.

The black bear fountain can produce the sound of feathered creatures skipping to the running water will make the quiet condition of everybody’s jealousy. With the water tenderly falling over normal-looking stone, the Alpines bear fountain is certain to be a clear point of convergence to your outdoor stylistic theme.

Dimension: 31″ length x 20″ width x 24″ height. The animal fountain is made of stone powder and polyresin. Energetic bear fountain of mother bear and cub climbing a waterfall that makes you have a feeling that you are in nature.

The animal fountain is made of solid materials that will consummate your home, yard, and garden with a stylish look that includes a characteristic look, while the unwinding, delicate water falling makes a quiet climate.

7. Alpine Corporation Tower Castle Fountain with LED Lights

Castle Fountain

This pixie roused castle fountain with a solitary stream is a perfect mix of classical plan, unusual components, and a fun perky appeal. You will be helped to remember your youth with this excellence of the castle fountain.

Regardless of whether you use this castle fountain as design in your garden, pond, on the porch, on your deck, or close to the passageway route before your home, this water fountain is certain to bring a lively and welcoming environment, while leaving a rich enduring impression.

The dimension: 23″ length x 19″ width x 35″ height.

8. Alpine Corporation 3-Tier Tiki Head Water Fountain

Water fountain

This water fountain looks extraordinary in your nursery, porch, deck, patio, or yard space. You will appreciate the sound of streaming water that pours from adjusted dishes sitting on three degrees of tiki totem heads.

The floor outdoor fountain is made from polyresin, stone powder, and fiberglass. It is rust-proof and tough for a considerable length of time.

The heaviness of the fountain and tough base enables it to withstand the most grounded cold weather.

To utilize the light, all you have to do is to plug into an outdoor outlet, fill it at the upper level with the water, and watch as the inside siphon makes an attractive water stream.

The water fountain comes with a 1-year guarantee. Dimension: 15″ L x 15″ W x 29″ H.

9. Harmony Fountains 35″ Floating Sphere Waterfall Fountain – Floor Outdoor Fountain

Waterfall fountain

Drop the considerations of the world as you unwind with this elegant design of the Floating Sphere Waterfall Fountain. The circle looks mystically drift over the great bends of the amazing marble dark-colored base.

You can follow the included Quick Set-up Instructions to finish the installation of the water fountain in not more than minutes. This water fountain comes with a calm, incredible, movable stream submersible water siphon that needs to be plugged into electrical outlets.

After the simple to-set up of the siphon, fill the bowl with water, and the falling waterfalls will begin. The waterfall fountain is made from polyresin that reflects conditions from forested timberland, low meadows, and deserts.

The waterfall fountain can provide a stylish layout for your home, yard, and garden. It comes with a guarantee of new parts if you are not satisfied with the waterfall fountain. Dimensions: 35″ tall x 18″ wide x 17″ deep. Weight: 24 pounds.

10. John Timberland Floor Outdoor Fountain 34 1/2″ Marble Fountain Bowls LED for Yard Garden

Marble fountain

Enlightened from inside to make a sentimental impact, this indoor-outdoor marble fountain is an ideal expansion to your home or porch. The loosening up sound of falling water tumbling from the top bowl into the littler columns will relieve away your burdens.

The false marble fountain has an extravagant vibe. Delicate light and falling water in this marble fountain make this a definitive embellishment in zen fountain unwinding.

Dimension: 34 1/2″ high x 17″ deep x 15″ wide. Weighs: 32 lbs. 5-feet of cord.

11. Living Better Now Water Fountain Pump Lion Rock Fountain Garden Electric

Rock fountain

An Italian roused structure, the Lion Head Outdoor/Indoor Water Fountain will enhance the nursery with its craftsmanship.

Including Florentine enumerating, the rock fountain is planned with a lion’s head. Fueled with power, the falling waterfalls into the bowl utilizing a submersible and recycling siphon.

The rock fountain has a flexible stream rate. The rock fountain is carefully assembled utilizing astounding gum and fiberglass, which empowers long periods of toughness.

The rock fountain is hand-crafted with a bothered dark completion and can be set in customary settings.

Overall: 51” height x 23” width x 14” deep. Length of Electrical Cord: 74.4”. Weight: 57 pounds.

12. John Timberland Floor Outdoor Fountain Ceramic Fountain 35″

Creamic fountain

You can see that the arrangement of bowls in this ceramic fountain allows water to cascade down a series of tiers. That would create a refreshing, and calm atmosphere.

The water drip down repeatedly in each tier. Each tier has a carved spout that the water flows from.

With seven waterfalls, this ceramic fountain is right for a home in a nook in need of a more dynamic feel. It would be perfect for outdoor decoration.

It is made of Faux ceramic, earth-tone finish but a lightweight cast resin construction. Dimension: 35″ tall x 12″ wide and 12″ deep. It comes with a 15-foot long electrical cord.

13. John Timberland Floor Outdoor Fountain Water Fountain Four Bowl Cascading Waterfall Fountain 41″ Tall Fountain

Sitting on curved columns, this beautiful tall fountain displays four dishes with fake stone completion. Water delicately fills each pool, giving a calming sound that is compatible with indoor and outdoor zones.

This beige and darker fake stone fountain likewise include incandescent lamps intended to light up the streaming water during the evening. With lightweight development and the adaptability to put it almost anyplace in the home, this waterfall fountain will immediately upgrade the calmness and magnificence of any garden and living space.

Four ornamental dishes fill one enormous bowl to make this staggering beige and darker fountain that can be utilized in both indoor and outdoor territories. Dimension: 41 1/2″ height x 20″ width x 18 1/2″ deep. Weighs 29.2 pounds. Cord length: 6 1/2-foot long cord.

14. John Timberland Patio Fountain Rustic Stoneware Bowl and Jar Floor Outdoor Fountain with Light LED 46″ High Cascading for Yard Garden Patio

Bring both rural style and the alleviating sound of streaming water to your indoor and outdoor spaces with this stoneware completion floor outdoor fountain. Water streams from a container at the highest point of the platform and down through two additional dishes before completion in a vase at the base.

Three LED groups sparkle from inside the dishes and urn to include another layer of visual intrigue. The patio fountain is built of lightweight polyresin, which makes it simple to put indoors or outdoor.

A helpful power string and siphon are incorporated. Just include water, plugin, and appreciate. Include evening time enlightenment and the calming hints of water with this LED indoor/outdoor patio fountain that highlights four levels of the vase.

Dimension: 46″ high x 16 1/2″ wide x 15″ deep. Weighs: 35 pounds.

15. Design Toscano Water Fountain with LED Light – Squirrel Garden Decor Patio Fountain

The squirrel garden decor fountain stands three feet tall. This fountain will absolutely become an attention grabber and focal point of your outdoor decor.

It can be garden decorations or patio fountain displays in your garden. You can enjoy the outdoor patio fountain that features LED lights to lighten the evening on your garden patio with the sparkling glow of low-voltage lights.

The construction is hand-cast using real crushed stone bonded with designer resin that is durable. It is easy to assemble and set, does not require any additional plumbing. Include adjustable UL approved, indoor or outdoor fountain pumps.

After the assembly, just fill them with water to completely submerge the pump. Plug the pump into a standard electrical outlet.

After that, you can enjoy the sounds of water music. Dimension: 12″ width x 13″ deep x 35″ height. Weight: 35 pounds.

16. Peaktop – PF001 Outdoor Floor Fountain

This outdoor floor fountain is beautifully featured with 3 tiered fountains. Its design creates a soft existence with the soft and relaxing sounds of water.

The design is crafted to stand with balance and also durable. It is ideal for an outdoor garden or patio as well as indoor use. It is strong but lightweight.

Once you buy one and arrive, you can assemble them in just 5-10 minutes with ease. Included with the package the step by step assembly instruction.

Material: polyresin. Max flow Rate: 300 L/H. Power: 4.2 watts. H-max (lift Height): 0.7 meter. Dimension: 16.14″(Length) x 15.94″(Width) x 20.00″(Height).

17. CYA-DECOR Water Fountains Outdoor, Garden Waterfall Fountains with Children Patio Fountain

The child propelled water fountain is genuinely a perfect mix of the antique vintage plan, capricious components, and fun provincial appeal. The patio fountain offers the quiet and thoughtful hints of running waters for a quieting vibe.

With the water delicately falling down from a well where the children are playing, the waterfall fountain is certain to be a distinctive point of convergence on your porch, deck, front entryway, outdoor entranceway, grass, or garden.

Boy and Girl Fountain is Perfect for Home and Office Decoration or to be Gifts. The water fountain is produced using solid poly tar material that is both lightweight and simple to maintain.

The patio fountain is handmade, so everything about progressively distinctive, brilliant hues, difficult to blur. The patio fountain accompanies a submersible electrical siphon that aides recycle the streaming water.

Additionally, no pipes are required, you should simply connect it to an outlet, giving you more opportunity to sit back, unwind, and appreciate this Lovely piece.

The dimension of the Boy and Girl fountain: 19 inches (length), 15 inches (wide) and 30 inches (tall).

18. Water Fountain – 4 Foot Tall Cherubs at Play Garden Decor Fountain Electric Bird Bath Fountain

This electric bird bath fountain incorporate coordinated, recycling siphons and many component low-voltage LED lights. Each is finely etched, at that point cast in quality architect sap and independently hand painted to catch each essential detail.

Repeating fine stonework, our traditional style fountains make sensational central focuses in formal nurseries. Make a tranquil, reflective air even in a urban wilderness with our common style fountains.

Current understandings of nature’s marvels give your home a spotless, contemporary look. Carry the excellence of nature indoors with the relieving hints of water music from our work area fountain gathering.

The electric bird bath fountain is perfectly sized water fountain for your lawn, patio or outdoor decor with dimension: 30″ Width x 30″ Deep x 52″ Height. Weight: 64 pounds. It includes a 320 GPH (gallon per hour) fountain pump.

Word of advice

When you are looking the best for your home or garden or yard, you should get the correct source. You should probably recognize the various classifications of water fountains.

You can not overlook the incalculable alternatives that you have while purchasing water fountains. On the other hand, there are the tabletop fountains, waterfall fountain, small fountain, concrete fountain, ceramic fountain, dog fountain, cat fountain, garden fountains, the floor fountain and indoor.

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