Portable Outdoor Sink

You can find a vast selection of portable handwashing sinks from the leading manufacturers in the industry, including PolyJohn, Monsam, Crown Verity, and Jonti-Craft. Portable sinks provide high-quality handwashing in areas where traditional tubs are unable to be present.

For this reason, mobile handwashing stations are often referred to as self-contained sinks. Without a need for plumbing or water installation, portable hand wash sinks are readily available in locations where handwashing is required.

Steps to Clean a Portable Sink

Many portable restroom operators have experienced frustration in trying to clean their portable sinks. It’s a challenging process because the sink can look clean on the outside while looking dirty on the inside.

Complete cleaning portable sinks outside and inside are crucial for their longevity. Without frequent, the right cleanings, outdoor sinks can grow algae or mold, have a bad odor.

Preventative Maintenance of Portable Sinks

Practicing preventative maintenance on the portable sinks will help you avoid more costly expenses and save time down the road. If you use chlorine tablets like PolyJohn’s Fresh-Sink tabs, remove algae and mold, eliminate bacteria, and neutralizes bad odors.

It is recommended to use chlorine tablets and use these tablets frequently because of their all-in-one cleaning capabilities. Add a pill every time you fill the outdoor sink with water.

The tablet will remove tank troubles, blockages, and the necessity for heavy-duty cleanings.

Cleaning a Portable Sink in Seven Steps

Follow these seven steps to achieve a hygienic sink:

  • Mix water with a bar of mild soap to clean all the components and surfaces of the portable sink.
  • For minor scratches are present, sand them or scrub them with a mild abrasive cleaner. Make sure your soap consists of detergents, calcium carbonate, and hypochlorite bleach, and detergents.
  • Another method to remove scratches or marks on the outdoor sink is to apply an industrial hot air gun.
  • Buff and rinse the cleaned area with wax.
  • Mix bleach with water and fill the freshwater and wastewater tank. Follow the instruction on your cleaning solution for applying the proper ratio of water to the solution.
  • Let the tanks soak, then drain them.
  • Rinse out the tanks thoroughly.

The Benefits of Portable Handwashing Sinks

The most crucial benefit of a portable sink is to provide high-quality handwashing wherever it may be needed. It can be one tool for defense against germs.

They are becoming popular in areas where traditional sinks are not present. An outdoor handwashing option is becoming the normal where food is available.

Although hand sanitizer options are often a natural alternative, hand washing is by far the best way to prevent germs from coming in contact with users. An indoor portable handwashing station is an excellent option for the classroom, food service applications, catering, medical and health facilities.

Outdoor Portable Sinks

Our line of Nature/Outdoor portable sinks is designed for outdoor, as well as indoor use. The easy mobility makes them perfect for:

  • Outdoor Concerts & Festivals
  • Food Trucks And Food Carts
  • Community Gardens
  • Outdoor Sporting Events
  • Campgrounds
  • Catering Events
  • Outdoor classroom

Situations or Events Where Portable Sinks are a Must

Food-Serving Festivals

It is something we were, all, told as children: Wash your hands before sitting down to eat. Our parents were well aware of how the spread of germs/bacteria/viruses could contribute to any condition from the common cold to pneumonia to bronchitis, and more. That truth, unfortunately, is with us today. 

Whether one is preparing food, serving food, or eating food, having portable sinks/handwashing stations on-site at food-serving festivals is paramount. Not only that, but food establishments must comply with Food Code requirements concerning proper and adequate handwashing.

It all boils down to the prevention of illnesses for employees as well as those who eat food from any given food establishment.  

Outdoor Weddings

Even if an outdoor wedding setting has porta-potties available, having portable sinks/handwashing stations ready for guests is a wise and thoughtful move. 

Whether the situation involves eating sugary cake or getting sprayed with an opened bottle of champagne, the availability of running water would be a welcome relief – much more useful than hand-sanitizers.

Remote Work Sites/Construction Sites

When outside workers are not within walking distance of regular bathroom facilities with running water, portable sinks/handwashing stations must be made available to them. Farmworkers or construction workers can, easily, be subjected to insecticides, herbicides, paint products, gasoline, or other contaminants that can be hazardous if absorbed into the skin.

Cooking Demonstrations at Farmers’ Markets

Whenever a vendor at a farmers’ market might demonstrate how to cook or prepare food, a portable sink/handwashing station would be an absolute requisite. Viewers want to see a chef with clean hands after each presentation for the sake of aesthetics while the vendor would, especially, want to keep his or her hands spotlessly clean for the purpose, also, of keeping germs or bacteria at bay.