7 Best Outdoor Bench Garden 2020 Guide

Outdoor bench garden. If you are an outdoorsy person or you really like to spend much of your time in your garden, you will agree on how important of having an outdoor bench garden.

An outdoor garden bench creates a comfortable place to spend your time in. Outdoor garden benches can also be the solution if you are scared of sitting on the grass because of the fear of any crawling, and creepy insects or bugs.

Outdoor bench garden is an excellent choice for reading, drinking evening tea, gazing at stars at night or having long conversations with your friends. You can be sure that garden benches are a crucial element for any garden.

What is the best outdoor bench garden?

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1. Vintage Outdoor Garden Bench Patio Furniture

This Vintage outdoor garden bench is a 3-seater garden bench that can be placed in the garden, patio, parks, playgrounds, universities, and offices. The frame is made from durable weather-resistance steel but provides comfortable seating.

As many as three people can sit at the same time with a width of 47″. Can withstand 3 adult weight.

You do not have to worry about the slats that are made of WPC or wood-plastic composites. It is a combination of wood and plastic, which is a long-lasting material for outdoor use, environmentally sustainable, and safe.

If you want a permanent placement, you can bolt the outdoor bench garden to the floor.

Pro :

  • Weather-resistance steel frame with paint finish
  • Slats made from wood-plastic composite
  • Long-lasting use slants
  • Safe to use slats
  • Environmentally sustainable slats

Con :

  • None

2. Outdoor Grapevine Bench for Yard

You can place this Grapevine Cast Aluminum Outdoor Garden Bench in your most preferred outdoor spot among the flowers, under a shade tree, or along a path. Due to its small and compact size, that makes this bench become an intelligent solution for smaller spaces on the garden yard, balcony, patio, porch, and deck.

You will add style and art to your outdoor living, no matter where you place it. The ornamental fruit on the vine motif will never go out of style.

This type of design can be seen on decorative metal accents and on English garden benches. You do not have to worry about the rust because it is made from cast aluminum that is sturdy, long-lasting, easy to move, and lightweight. You can also easily assemble the bench.

Pro :

  • Rust-proof cast aluminum
  • Lightweight
  • Long-lasting use
  • Easy to move
  • Easy to assemble

Con :

  • None

3. Oakland Living Mississippi Cast Aluminum Settee Outdoor Bench Garden

This Settee outdoor bench garden can add beauty and style to your garden, deck, patio, or balcony. It can be placed in any small space or to add an accent to a larger area.

The bench is constructed of rust-free cast aluminum. You can relocate the outdoor bench garden anywhere easily because it is lightweight and movable.

Its appearance is elegantly performed by a hardened powder coat finish. The beauty will just last-long with the coat finish.

Easy to follow assembly instructions and how to care for them for maintenance. The construction is created for a chip, crack and fade resistant.

Pro :

  • Crack, fade and chip resistant
  • Lightweight and movable
  • Hardened powdered coat finish
  • Rust-free cast aluminum material

Con :

  • None

4. Best Choice 2-Person Aluminum Outdoor Garden Bench Patio Furniture

This Best Choice outdoor garden bench features an antique copper finish made of durable and sturdy aluminium. The garden bench is designed to withstand any outdoor weather conditions.

You will get an elegant and full of style beautiful rose design that is featured all over the bench.

The overall width of the bench is fit for a 2-person seat. Two people can enjoy any leisure activities such as reading a book or having lunch or bird watching or having a conversation at the same time.

Place it on the front porch or in the middle of a garden for a beautiful outdoor decoration that is sure to catch attention. The combining appealing rose, a lattice pattern, and cross-weave provide any outdoor area a stylish, elegant, and delicate touch.

The frame is made of aluminum that makes this bench movable and lightweight. The finish is created to withstand various weather conditions and resist aging processes such as rusting and corrosion.

Pro :

  • Rust and corrosion-resistant
  • Lightweight and movable
  • Aluminum material
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Elegant appearance with rose design

Con :

  • None

5. Furinno Tioman Hardwood Outdoor Patio Furniture

This Furinno Tioman outdoor garden bench can provide a relaxed lifestyle to your patio or backyard. The material is made from Malaysian dark red meranti wood, and with teak oil finish and treatment.

Even if this is a wooden outdoor bench, it is water-resistant and more durable. Place the bench in the backyard, garden, or patio; you will see how this bench can give the beauty to the outdoor.

The back has a cross back design with cushion, a great addition for use in patio, balcony, and garden. You can sit on the bench with a maximum of 2 adults weight of 330 pounds.

Pro :

  • Outdoor bench for two adults
  • 330 pounds of maximum weight
  • Durable and water-resistant Meranti Wood construction
  • Cross back design
  • Easy to assemble

Con :

  • None

6. Amish Heavy Duty Pressure Treated Outdoor Bench Garden

This Amish outdoor bench is made from kiln-dried pressure-treated pine. Screws attach its thick slats.

The construction is commercial quality, which is an excellent choice for the garden, patio, condos, resorts, or porch. You can choose between 4 eco-friendly soy-based stain finish or unfinished.

The material is odorless, eco-friendly, and has UV protection features. Rollback design shapes to your body for comfort. The bench fit for two adults.

The color will bring a spark to the surrounding area where the bench is located.

Pro :

  • UV protection
  • OIdorless and eco-friendly
  • Kiln-dried pressure-treated pine construction
  • Rollback design
  • Easy to assemble

Con :

  • None

7. Christopher Knight Home Outdoor Acacia Wood Bench with Shelf

This outdoor bench made by Christopher Knight Home has the appearance of classic and stylish. It comes bench with a built-in shelf so you can place items.

The material is delicately carved acacia wood details with a sturdy frame. You do not have to worry about where to place the bench because you can place it indoors, outdoors, or otherwise.

The gray color provides a natural design for better decor for your home.

Pro :

  • UV protection
  • OIdorless and eco-friendly
  • Kiln-dried pressure-treated pine construction
  • Rollback design
  • Easy to assemble

Con :

  • None

What are the types of outdoor garden benches?

In today’s market, there are various types of garden benches. However, if you do not have the knowledge about these garden benches, you can end up buying a low-quality, squeaky, and uncomfortable outdoor bench garden that would not be worthy of your money.

Metal garden benches

Metal garden benches would go well with the look you are trying to achieve for your garden. Before purchasing an outdoor metal garden bench, you have to be sure that the type of metal can endure the harsh weather conditions a garden bench is exposed to.

Cast aluminum

Cast aluminum outdoor garden benches are more durable and heavier. They are available in elegant and sophisticated designs that you will love. However, their prices are quite high as compared to other garden benches.

Extruded Aluminum

Extruded aluminum garden benches are extremely light-weight, which makes them movable. You can relocate the garden bench quickly. They are not resistant to harsh weather conditions and not very durable.

Ornate Iron

Outdoor garden benches made from ornate iron are very resistant, very durable, but very heavy. These types of seats resemble benches from the Victorian era precisely. If you want to achieve vintage looking garden benches to your garden, ornate iron benches will help you.

Retro Metal

An outdoor garden bench made from retro metal has the appearance of fancy and very stylish. Their prices are high but worth the cost.

Wooden garden bench

Outdoor wooden benches are the most popular garden seating. They are the most well-blended and most natural and well-blended furniture for your garden.

These benches suited well in the gardens and blend nicely with the overall surroundings. They do not look out-of-place.

The highest quality wood benches are made with lumber with center-cut heartwood having consistent grain. All parts of the wood bench must be screwed with zinc or stainless steel screws.

Screws will allow tightening easier in case the wood bench goes loose.

Natural Cedar or Pine

Pine is less expensive compared to Cedar. Outdoor garden benches made from Pine or Cedar turn gray over time if they are not sealed or painted correctly. If they are cared for and maintained properly, they will last more than ten years.


Teak is perfect for all outdoor furniture, including outdoor garden benches. Teak furniture can last for more than 50 years. It is regardless of being exposed to elements. The wood bench made from Teak is expensive. To keep it in the best condition, polish with oil twice a year. This maintenance can retain the reddish-brown color as the characteristic of Teak.

Natural wood

Natural wood garden benches are suitable and affordable for casual and rough use. Unfortunately, they do not endure exposure to elements.

Plastic garden benches

Outdoor garden benches made of plastic are eco-friendly, durable, cheap, maintenance-free, and lightweight. They are also available in many different colors, waterproof, unbreakable, and safe to be used around children. But they may not provide you with an attractive look for your garden.

What are the benefits of the outdoor garden bench?

Promote conversation

Outdoor benches provide confidence in promoting conversation between people. People from different races, religions, companies, and backgrounds can talk, chat, or meet with them and relax.

If you feel lonely, you can utilize garden benches to fight isolation and loneliness. When let’s say two people are sitting together on a garden bench, they will feel a closer connection figuratively.

Chairs can create a distance between two people, while outdoor garden benches bring them closer together.

To build relaxation

Outdoor garden benches are a seating spot for any age. It gives temporary relaxation and relief out in nature. Older people can have sit in a garden or patio area to chat.

Outdoor garden benches give resting places to a person with limited mobility. Other people can also take a temporary break from their scheduled strolling or walking.

Employees can have a relaxing lunch and go outside between breaks. People can sit on garden benches comfortably while expecting for someone to come.

Outdoor garden benches can provide you relaxation while drinking teas or reading a book. Garden benches can give all kinds of functionality.

For parties and other activities

Eco-friendly outdoor garden benches make a great healthy location for photographers, artists, and musicians. People can create a project and connect to nature at the very same time.

Outdoor garden benches can also be used for team-building exercises and conducting classes. If you add picnic tables, it would be a great combination for parties.

You can celebrate any events or occasions and hang out with your family or colleagues or friends while being in touch with nature.

Outdoor bench garden is durable

A high-quality outdoor garden bench is the most durable seating for the patio or garden. Chairs are commonly made of plastic, and other low-quality materials are susceptible to crack or damage or breakage.

They may last only for several months, only to break apart the next time you sit on them. If a plastic chair breaks, it is impossible to repair.

Repairing a broken wooden chair is possible, determined by where the damage or crack occurred.

Outdoor garden benches provide a superior level of durability and strength. You do not have to worry about it breaking or cracking or falling apart. It can last for generations when properly maintain or cared for.

Saves space

Outdoor garden bench seating can save space. Outdoor garden benches are an excellent seating option for tight spaces.

If your patio or garden has a limited amount of space, you must choose the right outdoor furniture. You only need a single bench.

Garden benches allow multiple people to sit, so it saves space. An outdoor garden bench can support two, three, or even four people.

One bench provides the seating equivalent of up to four chairs.


Bench seating can provide aesthetics. Benches are available in different styles. There is a classic wooden style, rustic or a modern style. You can be sure to discover that it will look great on your garden or patio.


Most outdoor garden benches are designed to be weather resistant. Most branded manufacturers add a protective coating to prevents the intrusion of germs and moisture.

Many even designed with a UV-protectant coating to protect against fading caused by the ultraviolet light of the sun.

How to maintain outdoor bench garden

Care tips

  • Always begin with a light cleaning, sweep surfaces with a soft brush or damp cloth. Then inspect if further cleaning is needed.
  • For outdoor furniture, non-detergent liquid soap or dish soap is suitable. It will clean delicately. For tougher mildew or stains, use a mixture of white vinegar and water.
  • Read the manual of instructions about care and feeding.
  • Bird droppings and sunscreens should clean your outdoor furniture immediately. These elements can be damaging and cause permanent corrosion and stains.
  • Consider purchasing covering your outdoor garden bench when not in use for extended periods. Cleaning makes maintenance more accessible and will extend its life after the outdoor season begins again. Purchase breathable covers to avoid creating a mould incubator.
  • Relocate your outdoor garden bench during harsh winter weather indoor.

Frequently ask question

How do I protect my garden bench?

Secure your outdoor garden bench with anchor bolts and L-shaped brackets that stop any thieves. Keep your outdoor garden bench in a good state of repair by fixing any crack or chip or damage immediately. Keeping them clean and free from surface detritus also aids it last longer.

What is the best oil for outdoor garden bench or furniture?

Barrettine Teak Oil and Liberon Pure Tung Oil.

Should I oil my outdoor garden bench?

Experts recommend that teak oil be applied regularly to an outdoor garden bench or furniture in arid or extremely dry climates. Apply oil regularly to prevent staining from stain or drink spills or food spills.

How often should you oil an outdoor garden bench or furniture?

It is challenging to recommend an exact oiling regime because of the many factors involved. A very shaded bench may only need oiling once every 12 months, where a semi-exposed bench setting might need every six months.

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