10 Best Dandelion Killer 2021 Reviews

Best Dandelion Killer. How to get rid of dandelions? It is actually very hard to eliminate weeds like Dandelions completely. You have to get rid of the Dandelion plant such as the root, and all of the Dandelions can grow right back.

Even if you have routinely taken care of your lawn, Dandelions will grow occasionally. It would be very difficult to kill Dandelions completely.

So, how to get rid of dandelions permanently? The best Dandelion killer is using your hand to remove the whole plant, taproot, and all by hand, but it would take time and effort to finish the job.

This would keep new Dandelions from establishing on your lawn. Eliminate Dandelions and feed your lawns at the same time could be a tough task to do.

What is Dandelion?

Dandelions are a broadleaf perennial. They can grow in any soil. They thrive well in full sunlight.

In the early spring months, new sprouts will show up from the taproot. The taproot can be 3 feet deep in the soil.

They produce yellow flowers that will turn into white puffballs. These puffballs contain seeds that spread out helped by the wind.

The plant seems like it has been disappearing in the fall. The taproot still survives in the soil. This taproot will start the life cycle again in the spring.

Why kill Dandelions?

Dandelions belong to the subset of weeds called broadleaf perennials. Broadleaf perennials are a challenge to remove.

When the Dandelion plant has fully mature, seeing its 10-inch-long taproot, the Dandelion will come back year after year. They will spread its spawn across the lawn in perpetuity.

The root is the key to total elimination. If you want to kill Dandelion, you must kill or remove the taproot. If you don’t, the unwanted sprout will come back again.

What is the best Dandelion killer?

If you have Dandelions growing in your St. Augustine, centipede, or Zoysia grass lawn, you can use a triple action herbicide that can control weeds of your lawn at the same time.

Dandelions are broadleaf weed. How to get rid of dandelions?

You need to buy a herbicide specially formulated to kill off broadleaf weeds. Buy a broadleaf weed killer to kill Dandelion.

Mowing Dandelions can not kill them. Dandelions must kill at the root, not the stem.

You do not hand-pull Dandelions because, eventually, they will grow again. As mentioned before, to fully and completely kill Dandelions, you have to eliminate the taproot, which can be 2 to 3 feet (91.44 cm) deep.

If hand pulling Dandelions is a hard task for you, you can choose from the below list of herbicides to get rid of Dandelions.

List of the best Dandelion killer

1. Espoma Organic Weed Preventer 25 pounds CGP25 Organic Dandelion Killer

Dandelion Killer

You can use this Espoma Organic Weed Preventer 25 pounds granulated product as an easy application for killing Dandelions. Espoma Organic Weed Preventer is using organic ingredients (made from gluten meal). So that it is a pet-friendly weed killer and safe for kids.

This Espoma Organic Weed Preventer is an organic Dandelion killer that works by interrupting root growth. You can apply this Espoma Organic Weed Preventer product in spring months and fall months (twice in one year). Espoma Organic Weed Preventer also feeds the lawn for better green color and provides protein.

This Espoma Organic Weed Preventer can provide long-lasting slow-release Nitrogen for a greener and thicker lawn. With 25 pounds of granulated product, it can cover up to 1,250 square feet. It is an excellent choice for Dandelion prevention.

2. Green It Corn Gluten Weed Preventer – Organic Dandelion Killer

The manufacturer of this Green It Corn Gluten Weed Preventer product will guarantee to help you to kill clover and Dandelions. Not only that, but Green It Corn Gluten Weed Preventer can also kill many types of weed as well.

The first thing to do before applying is to water your lawn. The next thing is to spread the Green It Corn Gluten Weed Preventer granules evenly across the lawn.

Leave it at least twenty-four hours for this Green It Corn Gluten Weed Preventer product to work. Keep away kids and pets off your lawn within twenty-four hours after application.

It should be enough time when the lawn gets dry, to let kids and pets run around on once more. Green It Corn Gluten Weed Preventer is a pet-friendly weed killer. It is an excellent choice for Dandelion prevention.


You can stop weeds before they sprout with this Green It Corn Gluten Weed Preventer. Once it is applied, Green It Corn Gluten Weed Preventer works by releasing organic proteins (dipeptides) into the soil.

After being released, Green It Corn Gluten Weed Preventer starts preventing weed seeds from developing. It contains liquid corn gluten to works on Dandelions, crabgrass, and clover. The Green It Corn Gluten Weed Preventer is One of the best organic weed killers.

You do not have to mix anything. Using Green It Corn Gluten Weed Preventer is very easy and the price is affordable.

3. Preen Weed Preventer, 16 pounds Covers 2,560 square feet – Dandelion Killer

This Preen Weed Preventer product will let you prevent weed seeds from germinating. You just have to spread the Preen Weed Preventer on bedding areas to start.

Then, you must water in to block weeds for up to ninety days. The Preen Weed Preventer is suitable to use in flower, shrub, and all bedding areas. Before applying, you must remove existing weeds and grasses.

The best time to apply Preen Weed Preventer is anytime in spring months, summer months, or fall. Preen Weed Preventer will not kill the existing weed, but to prevent new weed from germinating and this feature is guaranteed by the manufacturer.

One application of the Preen Weed Preventer can cover 2,560 square feet. After applying this Preen Weed Preventer, water in to release the weed preventer ingredient within forty-eight hours of application. It is an excellent choice for Dandelion prevention.

Once applied, it bonds with soil particles creating a weed-control barrier. This will prevent weed seeds from forming roots. Preen Weed Preventer will not build up in the leach into groundwater, soil, or wash away.

4. Green Gobbler Weed Killer – Vinegar Weed & Grass Killer – Organic Dandelion Killer

This product by Green Gobbler Weed Killer is an easy and fast way to kill weeds on your garden or lawn or yard. Green Gobbler Weed Killer contains corn and approved for organic use by OMRI.

So Green Gobbler Weed Killer is pet-friendly weed killer. You do not have to worry about using glyphosate or other dangerous chemicals to eliminate annoying Dandelion once and for all.

This Green Gobbler Weed Killer product can kill all kinds of broadleaf weeds on contacts, such as Dandelions, crabgrass, white clover, musk thistle, oxalis, and more. Just simply spray it on targeted Dandelions of weeds by pushing the trigger sprayer which is included. It is one of the best dandelion killers spray for lawns.

The 20% vinegar used by this product is four times stronger than table vinegar which only includes only 5%. You will see the result in less than 24 hours.


Green Gobbler Weed Killer is a very powerful vinegar to kill the broadleaf weed like Dandelion. Green Gobbler Weed Killer is one of the best broadleaf weed killers.

This vinegar product does not contain harmful chemicals including glyphosate, phosphates, sulfates, VOCs, petroleum solvents, chlorine, fluorine, ethoxylates, dye, or bleach.

For safe use, remove sprayer and drain all vinegar from the sprayer after each use. Clean sprayer with water.

You will wash away the vinegar if you apply it during or before rainfall. Try to use on a calm wind and sunny day (commonly above 65°F) for the best results.

To add the effectiveness, mix with the vinegar with a surfactant, like orange oil or dishwashing soap. You must avoid spraying on healthy desired plants and grass.

Before you use the Green Gobbler Weed Killer, it would be safe to shield trees or flower plant or shrub or perennials with cardboard.

5. Doctor Kirchner Natural Weed Killer – Organic Dandelion Killer (2.5 Gallon)

This Doctor Kirchner Natural Weed Killer can give a safe application without harmful herbicides to control weeds and still care for the environment and health that surround them. Doctor Kirchner Natural Weed Killer is a people-friendly and pet-friendly weed killer.

Doctor Kirchner Natural Weed Killer works quickly and you do not have to do the mixing or purchasing safety gear. This means that you can spray weeds without any health concerns at all. It is an organic Dandelion killer.

Doctor Kirchner Natural Weed Killer is ocean water and vinegar solution that is ready to spray. It is one of the best dandelion killers spray for lawns.

Most weeds will start to die down in a matter of hours, while grassy weeds will die down in twelve to twenty-four hours after applying the Doctor Kirchner Natural Weed Killer. You can keep them safe for years without an expiration date. This Doctor Kirchner Natural Weed Killer product does not cause harm to the planet.

Doctor Kirchner Natural Weed Killer works by killing weeds down to the roots and the good thing is that it is completely pesticide-free. Doctor Kirchner Natural Weed Killer is one of the best Dandelions killers on the market.

6. Bayer Natria Weed Killer Concentrate

This Bayer Natria Weed Killer or herbicide is derived from iron that will effectively kill Dandelions or weeds. Bayer Natria Weed Killer is so effective and it works fast with results in hours.

Bayer Natria Weed Killer will not cause unpleasant odor because it is a water-based formula. It is widely used to selectively kill broadleaf weeds growing in your lawns. Bayer Natria Weed Killer is a broadleaf weed killer.

When you see the emergence of grass or Dandelions, you can apply this Bayer Natria Weed Killer or herbicide product on new lawns and works in cool weather too.

7. Gordon’s Trimec Lawn Weed Killer – Southern Broadleaf Weed Killer – Dandelion Killer – Herbicide

This Gordon’s Trimec Lawn Weed Killer product is developed by PBI Gordon for controlling broadleaf weeds like Dandelions so it is a broadleaf weed killer. This Gordon’s Trimec Lawn Weed Killer can provide control of many types of broadleaf weeds, such as clover, chickweed, Dandelions, and spurge.

To use Gordon’s Trimec Lawn Weed Killer product, you have to mix the product into a sprayer. It can be a hose-end, backpack, or hand-pump sprayer.

You can easily operate with a hand-pump gallon sprayer for the best result. It is one of the best dandelion killers spray for lawns.

This Gordon’s Trimec Lawn Weed Killer can be used on warm-season turfgrass live on recreational areas, commercial lawns, golf courses, residential, sports turf, and park. This product can be used on Bluegrass, Fescues, Zoysiagrass, Bermudagrass, Bentgrass, St.Augustinegrass, Centipedegrass, and Seashore Paspalum.

Gordon’s Trimec Lawn Weed Killer is a concentrated formulation and a 3-way herbicide blend. This Lawn Weed Killer can kill more than two hundred listed broadleaf weeds without damaging lawn grasses when used as directed.

The Weed Killer is an economical choice for large lawn areas. One gallon of Gordon’s Trimec Lawn Weed Killer can cover 32,000 to 64,000 square feet (northern vs. southern lawns).

8. Quali Pro 2-D Herbicide, Dandelion Killer – Weed Killer

This Quali Pro herbicide is manufactured for the control of perennial and annual broadleaf weeds. It is a broadleaf weed killer product.

Weeds that are located at rangeland, permanent grass pastures, sod farms, roadsides, CRP land, and other non-crop areas can be killed with this Quali Pro 2-D Herbicide. The Quali Pro product contains 12.1% Clopyralid and 33% Triclopyr.

This Quali Pro herbicide product can give maximum broadleaf weed control as a broadleaf weed killer. You do not have to worry about the smell because Quali Pro is produced with a low-odor formula. So Quali Pro is suitable for commercial and public applications.

The ingredients in the Quali Pro can control over 35 weeds by killing the plant hormone, called auxin. You can just apply a one-time application that will provide control for up to the last eight to twelve weeks. This means you do not have to re-apply.

9. Roundup Weed And Grass Killer – Dandelion Killer

This Roundup Weed And Grass Killer are rainproof in just ten minutes, which means you will not have to worry about rain or after watering the garden washing the spray away. You will get fast results with this Roundup Weed And Grass Killer product. Roundup Weed And Grass Killer will kill Dandelions in just three hours.

If you do not want the hassle of mixing, Roundup Weed And Grass Killer is ready to go.

This Roundup Weed And Grass Killer is safe to use in your vegetable gardens and flower beds. However, but you avoid to spray directly on your cultivated plants or vegetables because it will kill them. It is one of the best dandelion killers spray for lawns.

If you have a backyard or garden fence, using this Roundup Weed And Grass Killer product on the fence line will eliminate the pruning you have to do to keep the border of your garden Dandelion free.

10. Spectracide Weed And Grass Killer – Dandelion Killer

If your garden is overrun by Dandelions, you need a super-fast acting herbicide to solve this problem in areas like cracks on your driveway or walkway. This Dandelion killer product will solve your problem.

If you have a garden full of weeds, you can use this Spectracide Weed And Grass Killer product and then re-seed your garden with flowers or shrubs to keep weeds away from your property.

Spectracide Weed And Grass Killer will kill off more than two hundred broadleaf weeds, including dandelion, chickweed, and ragweed. Spectracide Weed And Grass Killer will knock out even the toughest weeds. So Spectracide Weed And Grass Killer is a broadleaf weed killer.

One container of Spectracide Weed And Grass Killer will treat a maximum of 16,000 square feet. Spectracide Weed And Grass Killer kill the roots of the weeds so that they will not be back for at least ninety days.

This Spectracide Weed And Grass Killer starts to work just hours after you apply it. If you have cultivated plants that you want to retain, protect them with a piece of plastic or cardboard before you spray the Spectracide Weed And Grass Killer. That will save all your cultivated plants, but allow you to kill Dandelions.

Types of Dandelion killer

Selective Herbicide

This type of herbicide kills Dandelions but does not harm your other plants and keeps them remain healthy. A selective herbicide is a substance that will get rid of Dandelions without damaging or harming the other plants in your garden or yard that are wanted.

Non-Selective Herbicide

If you notice Dandelions popping up through the cracks in your patches or sidewalk in your driveway, you should choose a non-selective herbicide that will kill all or every plant it touches, including Dandelions.

How to get rid of dandelions?

You can pull Dandelion by hand if you want to remove it. If your pulling efforts do not seem to reduce the problem, use a broadleaf herbicide as a last resort.

But you can still use the Dandelion removal tool to get rid of Dandelions. It worth the effort but you must remove the roots completely.

These Dandelion removal tools are including claw garden weeder, bend remover tool, and weed extractor. They are effective Danbdelion removal tools.

Before applying herbicide to kill Dandelions, it is best to check the weather and wait for a sunny and dry day. Get a broadleaf herbicide ready.

You must wear your gardening gloves, goggles, and protective clothing. Prepare a pump sprayer and add the chemical. Mix it with water and follow the instruction label on how to mix.

Using the pump sprayer, apply the herbicide specifically to the Dandelions plant in your garden. Let it dry out. Wait and notice in several days that the Dandelions’ foliage turns brown and dies.

When you see that they are dead, pull out or rake up the remains of the weeds. Wait three days after the application, and after that, you can reseed with grass seed.

You can do this practice in 1 hour, with only spending $20 on herbicide for application.

How to prevent Dandelions?

How to prevent Dandelions? Keep lawn healthy is the best way for Dandelion prevention from growing. Do not rescue the grass lawn from weeds.

You have to manage your lawn properly actively. If your lawn is healthy, it can compete effectively against the Dandelions. This will remove any effort of Dandelion removal systematically.

You can do the leaving grass clippings on your lawn — the practice act as a mulch to block and stop weed seeds from germinating.

Mow lawn grass at the height of 2 to 3 inches (7.62 cm). This mowing practice will let the grass to protect itself by reducing weeds of the light they need. It is a good method of Dandelion prevention.

Do not allow bare spots being uncovered for a long time. It will stimulate the invitation of opportunistic weeds. When the fall months come, fill in bare spots by overseeding the lawn.

How to get rid of dandelions?

How to get rid of dandelions? You can prevent Dandelions from taking over your lawn and kill them using natural organic or chemical controls. Mostly, killing Dandelions by applying chemical controls are efficient and effective.

Natural Dandelion killer or organic treatment is labor-intensive but more eco-friendly or pet-friendly.

Dandelions will kill turfgrass that is thin and at stress level. Dandelion prevention from taking over is by maintaining a dense and healthy lawn.

This condition will make it hard for weeds to grow. The ideal time to kill dandelions is before they seed. Dandelions spread by seed.

The challenge of killing dandelions and preventing their return

Dandelions have a long taproot that allows them to live in the winter and grow in the spring. A small piece of the taproot has the ability to form a new plant.

New Dandelions plants spread and sprout from seed. It blooms bright yellow flowers and will form white puffballs full of seeds. These seeds will spread, taking advantage of the wind.

One flower alone can produce many seeds that will multiply around the lawn. Then the winds will carry them and spread them over many distances.

After reaching one spot, the seed will germinate throughout the growing season.

This is a real challenge for Dandelion prevention.

When to apply herbicide on Dandelions?

During the early fall, nutrients in the Dandelions plant are transferred from the leaves to the roots. This is the best time to apply herbicide.

This is because chemicals or organic control applied during this time will be absorbed by the leaves, and the chemical will be transferred onto the roots. The chemical will follow the same direction as the nutrients.

So, during late spring and early fall is the best time to use broadleaf herbicides to kill dandelions.

To ensure adequate herbicide absorption, stop mowing the lawn 2 or 3 days prior to application. After the application, wait for 2 or 3 days to pass before mowing.

This allows the herbicide to be transferred to the plant’s roots. To prevent the broadleaf herbicide from being washed off the plant’s leave, the application should not get rainfall within 24 hours. Stop watering the lawns within 24 hours after the application.

How these herbicide work

Post-emergence herbicides

These post-emergence herbicides do its job on living weeds. They work when the weeds sprouted and are visible.

Organic post-emergence herbicide sometimes only works on a very young plant. But the post-emergence herbicide chemical sprays can control much older weeds. The organic product needs to repeat spraying several times and may fail. That could be disastrous.

Post-emergence products can stay in the soil longer than necessary. These can prevent the growth of other living plants. The herbicide will very slowly break down.

Pre-plant herbicides

These products are rarely used. They are commonly used in an agricultural setting. The pre-plant herbicide must be put to practical use in a set time period prior to planting any desired plants or seeds. In most cases, the time period is between fourteen to forty-five days.

Once the pre-planting herbicidal is in practical use, the herbicide will eliminate the weeds. The application can prevent any seeds from sprouting. The application may cause harm to any transplants as well.

It is not recommended to use of pre-planting herbicides for home gardening purposes. It is one of excellent method for Dandelion prevention.

They are suitable for a large-scale field setting. It is where the field can be sprayed, plowed quickly, and let it be alone for the set period of time.

Pre-emergence herbicides

This pre-emergence herbicide has a job to prevent, block and stop seeds from germinating. Other jobs are sending up sprouts and seedling weeds.

If you see any existing weeds, they will not control them. Unfortunately, different areas have different weeds.

Pre-emergence herbicide leave residue in the soil after application. That would be bad for most home gardens.

Please read the labels carefully. Select the one for dandelion. There are pre-emergent sprays and granules out there for dandelions. It is excellent for Dandelion prevention.

Will herbicide kill Dandelions?

The answer is yes. Herbicide works and kills dandelions. Some formulations only work on Dandelions and some kill everything around the Dandelions also.

Other herbicide works faster than others. Kill your dandelions while they are yellow.

Kill them before they can form their seed. Do not the seed spread before you kill them.

Herbicide is also a good method for dandelion prevention.

10 Best Dandelion Killer 2021 Reviews
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